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Monday 16 February 2009

Replace OsCommerce Invoices with Kashflow Invoices

Version 1 of the OsCommerce integration tool will allow you to automatically email the Kashflow invoice to a customer instead of/ as well as the OsCommerce invoice.

Why might this be useful?
- If you want consistency of invoices going to customers - for instance if you are using multiple online store platforms.

- If you prefer the Kashflow invoice, which allows the insertion of custom text in the email body and the attachment of a letterheaded PDF invoice.

- If you are not charging at checkout, but on 30 days (e.g. B2B customers), then the Kashflow invoice can contain BACS & cheque instruction and/or a Paypal link with the invoice number, order total and customer details automatically encoded.

For the latter, it should be possible to do this by simply turning off the automatic "transaction" update to the invoice. The default setting is to create an invoice in Kashflow, and then automatically add the transaction amount (while specifying the payment method, clearing time and bank account it is allocated to).

However, if your store has custom coding to remove the requirement to pay at checkout, there may need to be some installation tweaks for the service to work, as we assume that stores require payment at checkout.

One of the features of the auto-invoice is that you can specify a numerical prefix (not letters as Kashflow doesn't support that) for each store and/or payment module. e.g. 0001 for Worldpay payments, 0002 for Paypal payments etc.

We hope this functionality will come into its own when we integrate directly with Worldpay - replacing the rather poor Worldpay invoice, and opening up the service to non-OsCommerce shop owners.

If anyone has any observations or requests for functionality, then please use the comments box below this post.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

just found your site and cant wait for you to launch!!
will you be supporting usa oscommerce stores with paypal? and can you use kashflow outside the uk? we are looking at quickbooks online.
we do 30 orders a day selling gifts

February 16, 2009  
Blogger carrytheone said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the message.

CarryTheOne will be compatible with US stores doing transactions in US Dollars.

Kashflow does not support US stores at present, however, I understand the US launch is imminent.

We are not integrating with Quickbooks Online at the moment as they offer only a US version and not a UK one. We will look at this again after their UK launch.

However, Kashflow offers "out of the box" integration with Paypal, so you can import all your transactions from your Paypal account into your accounts system in real time (well...maybe a 10-15 minute delay).

You then have a choice of either automatically appending Paypal payments to invoices as they are imported from OsCommerce into Kashflow, or disabling this function and matching Transactions to Invoices "semi-automatically" using Kashflow.

I suggest that you sign up to a free 60 days trial of Kashflow and the Paypal import service (no credit card details required) to familiarise yourself with the service.

I am pretty confident the US version will be available before the end of the trial.

Don't forget to use the promotional code "whisky" when signing up, as that gives you £1 off per month.

February 16, 2009  

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