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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Quilt Cover Shop Gets its Competitive Edge
By Claudia Vilches of Just Bedding

The time-saving benefits of cloud-based services are no mystery to the majority of online retailers, though busy as we are, there are undoubtedly some areas overlooked within our businesses. As in our case at Just Bedding, a well-known Australian retailer of quilt covers online, where I’m charged with the accounts, amongst other things. Having recently brought a huge competitive edge to our business via automating all our manual accounting efforts, it meant I just had to direct some praise to those responsible and share our story with the uninitiated.

My workload used to build up at an alarming rate, manually balancing customer orders with bank transactions and supplier invoices. Keeping the books up-to-scratch consumed the majority of my work week and our MYOB software just wasn’t cutting it, requiring frequent bulk importing of transactional data to it from our Magento installation, a laborious task to say the least–enter Xero.

Designed thoughtfully enough to have done away with our hefty end-of-month reconciliation requirement–a task which would cost me at least 15 hours towards the end of each calendar month–Xero now allows me to no longer have to obtain manual copies of all statements and manually cross-reference each transaction with the entries created in MYOB the previous 30 days. Further to that, reports are now far more accurate than ever and available on-demand.

The next step towards further streamlining our accounting workflow was automating the way customer orders would import from our website into Xero. By this stage, we already thought we were doing pretty well, having spared ourselves a load of accounting hours, though this recent time-saving revelation left us wanting more. Automating more. This need was realised with the implementation of Carry The One, which automatically syncs customer orders from our Magento installation with our Xero account the very moment they come in. This little feat in automation gloriously resulted in a saving of about 1.5 hours of manual processing each day.

To top all this off, we recently began using Receipt Bank, a manual service that uploads all our invoices into Xero the day we get them. These invoices now only need so much as to be scanned and emailed to them - whereby they do all the manual data entering straight into Xero, under each respective expense account. Enlisting their service meant an added saving of 4-6 hours a week of uploading these invoices to Xero, creating or referencing each respective expense account, and then filing those receipts.

An unexpected benefit of these streamlining efforts, beyond saving time and money, is that we no longer have to hold paper invoices for taxation purposes. Digital records now suffice in this department–all ours are stored in the cloud and I now take joy in tossing all invoices in the recycle bin and the thought of how I recovered 18 hours from my work week and am doing that little bit more for the environment.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Integration with PrestaShop now available

We are pleased to announce the addition of PrestaShop to our platform. Link your PrestaShop store with your Xero, KashFlow, FreshBooks or E-conomic account for a seamless accounting experience. Try it out on our 30-day free trial

The integration is also able to import your PrestaShop credit notes to help you cut the admin on processing returns

Click here to find out more about the integration

Thursday, 25 October 2012

OpenCart integrations for E-conomic, FreshBooks, KashFlow and Xero Now Available

The OpenCart accountancy integrations are now live.

Sign up for 30-day Free Trial to test drive the integration.

Please write to us if you have any comments or suggestions.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Announcing Integration with Salesforce

We are pleased to announce that our Salesforce integration is now live.

The CarryTheOne integration platform has passed the Salesforce security review and the AppExchange listing will be going public shortly.

To find out more about the integration click here

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Announcing Integration with BigCommerce

We are excited to announce the launch of our BigCommerce accounting integrations. The supported accounting applications for integration, at the moment, are e-conomic, FreshBooks, KashFlow or Xero (for future reference, please check our homepage for an up-to-date list of supported applications).

The integration will seamlessly import BigCommerce orders as invoices, customers and where applicable, products into the accounting application with many useful features (e.g. automatically creating payment records and credit notes), saving the store owner hours of tedious data re-entry.

To find out more about the integration, please visit our BigCommerce Page.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Turn Salesforce Opportunities into Invoices in your Favourite Accounting Application

Announcing the Upcoming Integration with Salesforce

We are pleased to announce the upcoming addition of the customer relationship management (CRM) application Salesforce to the CarryTheOne integration platform. The addition will allow businesses and individuals using Salesforce to import their sales into e-conomic, FreshBooks, KashFlow or Xero.

We've done our best to make the integration as robust and flexible as possible and we've made some significant updates to our core platform for a clear configuration experience. There are multiple ways to handle tax, an option to define payment methods using a custom field in Salesforce (this is useful if you want to record payments under different bank accounts in your accounts software) and similarly a way to identify shipping lines in case you want special handling.

How Do You Want It to Work?

We are in the final stages of a working integration, but it's not too late for suggestions and feature requests. In fact, we want to ask you how you want the integration to work. If you use Salesforce and are interested in this integration, please write to us using our contact form to tell us your requirements (select "Salesforce Suggestion" as Nature of Request).

How it Currently Works

An opportunity is imported as an invoice in your accounting app when it reaches the desired "trigger" stage, e.g. "Closed Won". If you have chosen to use payment methods, you can select a different trigger stage and other options per payment method. The options you have will depend on the accounts app with which you are integrating.

  • Invoice reference: you can enter a custom Salesforce field to use for the order number/reference on the invoice.
  • Credit notes: automatically create a credit note in your accounting app if an opportunity reaches a certain stage.

Tax Options
  1. Set tax per opportunity product line using a Salesforce custom field
  2. Set tax per product using a Salesforce custom field
  3. Set tax per opportunity using a Salesforce custom field
  4. Set a global tax rate in the integrations configuration
  5. Tax does not apply
For options 2,4 and 5 you can also choose to utilise a custom opportunity checkbox field for exempting certain opportunities from tax.

The custom fields referred to above, if you choose to use them, will probably need to be created in your Salesforce account. This is easy enough to do:

Click on your user name on the top-right of your screen > Setup > under 'App Setup' in the left menu, click Customize > click the type of object to which your adding the field (e.g. Opportunities, Products) > Fields > where it says '[object type] Custom Fields', click 'new'.


If you are interested in trying out our Salesforce integration before it is launched, please get in touch with us as well. We will shortly open up the integration for testing and send you details of how you can try it out. You will need a free Salesforce Developer account.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Announcing Stock Integration with KashFlow

Dear existing users and prospective users,

We are excited to announce the beta launch of a stock integration feature for our KashFlow integrations. The ability to integrate stock management has just recently been made possible by KashFlow and we have jumped on the heels of this to bring you this much desired functionality.

We praise KashFlow for adding stock management into their product and making this available for integration. This feature is not just sought after but often a requirement for online businesses selling products and so opens up KashFlow to a whole new market of potential users. We are confident that KashFlow will be rewarded for the decision that many other SaaS accounting application providers are hesitant to take.

The stock functionality in KashFlow at the moment is quite basic, but it is on the right track and no doubt, going by their multilateral efforts to improve their product, will see many improvements in the time ahead.

This feature is in BETA

While it is safe to try this feature, if a problem occurs it may cause your integration to stop. If this occurs, you need only to disable this feature in order to resume your integration. We will work to resolve any potential bugs as soon as possible and provide a final release.

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