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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Inventory Support Added to Xero Integration

We are pleased to announce support for Xero's inventory system which was recently made available on their API (what we use to connect with them).

What does it mean?

If you choose to use the inventory system, CTO will specify item codes when creating your invoices in Xero. This will enable you to track the sales performance of your items in Xero and better utilise reporting.

How does it work?

For every product invoice line with a product/item code set in your shopping cart app, if the code already exists in Xero, CTO will simply specify it on the invoice line, if not, CTO will create the item for you in Xero.

How do I use it?

1. Log into the CTO control panel
2. Click to configure your Xero integration
3. Select to use Xero's inventory system
4. Click save

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